Capucine Lemaire, BUK Film Festival Managing Director

Capucine Lemaire is French author, film director and producer.
From 2011, she shot short films she presented in Cannes, Clermont-Ferrand, Paris and in Germany. 
In 2014, she created an online media dedicated to women and equality.
In 2016, she resurfaced the Festival du Film Maudit in Paris, alongside Jean Cocteau Commitee in tribute to the first edition chaired by the french poet and filmmaker. Today, Capucine Lemaire works as a producer and she launches her publishing house.

Francesco Zarzana, BUK Festival & BUK Film festival President

Francesco Zarzana is Italian author, theater and film director. He created the Buk Festival in 2007 in Modena – Italy, dedicated to small and medium literary editions in the world. Today, he launches the first edition of the BUK Film Festival attached to the literary festival, as an obvious bridge for him between books and movies.