Contest rules

Article 1

The aim of the BUK Film Festival (BFF), in a spirit of friendship and cooperation, is to reveal and showcase feature films that are literary adaptations, from all countries and in all languages. It is directed by Capucine Lemaire, nominated by Francesco Zarzana, president of the BUK Festival created in 2007, and the BUK Film Festival.

Article 2

The Festival will take place on March 5, 6, 7 and 8, 2020, in the city of Modena, Italy.

Article 3

Only films eligible for the following criteria may be selected and invited to the Official Selection: Not to have been exploited elsewhere than in their country of origin; Not to have been presented in another international film event (a selection is international as long as it presents films of different nationalities); Not to have been broadcast on the Internet; To serve the purpose of the Festival as defined in Article 1.

Article 4

Once selected, no film can be removed from the program during the event. The selection is decided jointly by Capucine Lemaire, Director and Francesco Zarzana, President of the BFF. No distinction will be made, only the content and quality of the work take precedence.

Article 5

During the duration of the Festival, none of the invited films may be screened outside the Festival venues before its official presentation.

Article 6

All films must be in original version and subtitled in English. Any language in which the film is or will be broadcast in its country of origin is considered to be an original version. The Director and the President will appreciate to what extent a version that does not meet exactly this definition could nevertheless be retained. Films must be subtitled in English on the copy. Subtitling costs are the responsibility of the producer.

Article 7

The Director and the President designate the international personalities composing the Jury of the films in competition. When drawing up the prize list, the vote of the jury is held by secret ballot. Decisions are taken by an absolute majority of the voters in the first two rounds of voting and by a relative majority in subsequent rounds. The public has the power to vote and represents 10% of the final vote for the Special Prize. Only one prize will be awarded per film. The Artistic Director, if she wishes, may take part in the deliberations of the Jury. She does not take part in the vote. Can not be part of the Juries who is interested in the production or the exploitation of a film in competition.

Article 8

The Jury has to award in his Palmares: The Film Prize; The Director’s Prize; The Special Prize; Respecting a price per film. The Director grants herself the right to award a prize designated as Coup de Coeur which she designates alone.

Article 9

The deadline for registration of films proposed for selection is 5 February 2020. A registration form must be completed, costs amounting to 35 euros including tax. All must be received by the festival secretariat before February 5, 2020.

Article 10

When the time comes, documentation on each selected film should be sent to the address provided by the BFF. The final copy of each invited film must necessarily reach the only forwarder accredited by the BFF before February 15, 2020. If the copies of the films have not reached the deadline of February 5, their projection can not take place. This delay is imperative. A subtitled backup copy must be sent to the BFF before it opens.

Article 11

Forwarding costs (both import and re-export), as well as the costs of showing and translating films presented to members of the selection committee, for possible selection, are entirely the responsibility of producers or authorized bodies. The transport and insurance costs of the copies to and from the return are the responsibility of their owner. The BUK Film Festival is responsible for the cost of shopping and insurance for copies of the selected films, in and between the Festival’s official venues in Modena. In the event of the loss or damage of a copy, the responsibility of the Festival may be incurred only up to the value indicated by the   producer on the technical sheet.

Article 12

The President of the BUK Film Festival has the power to settle all cases not provided for in the present regulations. Participation in the BFF implies adherence to these regulations and prior compliance with the pre-selection conditions. In case of disagreement on the interpretation of the rules, the French text will prevail. This rule applies to the entire Official Selection.